• Harriet Rose

Happy International Womens Day!

Happy International Womens Day to us! The fearless, untameable and unapologetic females who are constantly fighting to be heard and fighting for fair opportunities. 💕

I’ve turned into a lil bit of a preacher at my gigs recently, but I’m not sure everyone is always aware of the battles we face as women in the music industry.

If you listen to female musicians (or even if you don’t) you can do small things that help us. Tweet radio stations, ask for us to be played, comment on Facebook posts, get in touch with festivals and tell them you want to see us! Even small things like this help us get profiled more and raise awareness that we are out here, trying to get a fair chance.

I announced a festival I’m playing recently and out of 100+ musicians only 3 women will be standing on stage over the weekend. 3 DAMN WOMEN!?!

Well anyway you get the point...more needs to be done.

But here’s to us, boss ass ladies who WILL be heard


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